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Arsenic Poisoning in Bihar : Environmental Health



Figure 1. Shows the position of Upper, Middle and Lower plains of Ganges, the groundwater arsenic contaminated area of Chandighar, affected areas of Nepal, affected areas of West Bengal and Bangladesh in Lower Ganga Plain and the study site, Semria Ojha Patti village and its surroundings in Bhojpur district in Middle Ganga Plain of Bihar.

Figure 2. Arsenic concentrations in the tube wells of Semria Ojha Patty village compared with the arsenic affected areas of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Figure 3. A subject from Semria Ojha Patti village with the full panoply of arsenical skin lesions including hyper-keratosis, suspected Bowen’s, and non-healing ulcer (suspected cancer).

Figure 4. Comparative prevalence of dermatological involvement manifested by the arsenic affected adults and children of Semria Ojha Patti village. SMP=Spotted melanosis on palm, DMP=Diffuse melanosis on palm, SMT=Spotted melanosis on trunk, DMT=Diffuse melanosis on trunk, LEU=Leuco melanosis, WBM=Whole body melanosis, SKP=Spotted keratosis on palm, DKP=Diffuse keratosis on palm, SKS=Spotted keratosis on sole, DKS=Diffuse keratosis on sole, DOR=Dorsal keratosis, CC=Conjunctival congestion.

Figure 5. Correlation between arsenic concentrations in urine and drinking water.

Figure 6. Correlation between arsenic concentrations in hair and drinking water.

Figure 7. Correlation between arsenic concentrations in nails and drinking water.