Infrastructural Facilities

SOES has set-up an environmental analytical laboratory capable to analyze arsenic in sub-ppb level from water and biological samples. Most important instrument FI-HG-QT-AAS (Flow Injection Hydride Generation Quartz Tube Atomic Absorption Spectrometry) has been assembled here buying individual parts. Thus the instrument has been made in 1/3rd of the original price. We have also HPLC, GC indigenously developed microwave digester, air pollution measurement apparatus including personal air sampler.

SOES has also a well-equipped Microbiological Laboratory.

We have so far analyzed more than 225,000 water samples for arsenic from arsenic affected areas of India and Bangladesh, Thailand etc. and about 60,000 biological samples from arsenic affected villages of India, Bangladesh & Thailand etc.

This laboratory has been recognized by experts of World Health Organization (WHO) for arsenic analysis. At present SOES has more than 2 crores of rupees of assets (i.e. instruments, glassware, books, reports etc).

SOES has up to date arsenic literature (analytical, bio-analytical, arsenic treatment plants, field kits, publications, reports, books, monographs etc.).