Our study (1987 - 1998) on


A problem India needs to solve

India's population growth

Census year Total population Ratio of female and male Density
1901 238.1 million 972 : 1000 77 person / sq. km
1951 361 million 946 : 1000 117 person / sq. km
2001 1.027 billion 933 : 1000 324 person / sq. km


Population growth of a State (West Bengal) in India

Census year Total population Ratio of female and male Density
1901 16.9 million 945 : 1000 190 person / sq. km
1951 26.2 million 856 : 1000 296 person / sq. km
2001 80.2 million 934 : 1000 904 person / sq. km

City Dwellers

Calcutta as an example
<1% Elite
<5% Upper Middle Class
@ 20% Middle Class
@ 25% Lower Middle Class
@ 50% Slum and Foot-path dwellers


Kolkata metropolitan city

Kolkata footpath dwellers

A Simple Model to Understand Our Future

If an angel descends on earth or a shooting star asks me my wish, I will ask for a single thing from the inner core of my heart : Grant me the power to collect all the Calcutta people together and shift them to a better living environment in a wink and give me the power to build a fortress around this 100 sq.km city in a jiffy. Then I will slowly walk outside the city, and on the huge gate I will hang a placard :

Our list of publications on Air Pollution in Calcutta (C) - See also Selling Items

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Methods adopted by other countries to reduce urban pollution may not work in Calcutta.