Director (Research)
Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti is the Director (Research), School of Environmental Studies - Jadavpur University. Dr. Chakraborti and his team, including medical personnel, have been working on the problems of groundwater arsenic and fluoride in West Bengal, Bangladesh, and other states of India since 1988. For roughly a decade, Dr. Chakraborti worked in western countries as a Research Fellow, Visiting Professor of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. After discovering the gravity of the arsenic problem in West Bengal, he decided to return permanently to India in order to actively investigate this issue. He holds three patents on arsenic removal, including one international patent, and he has published 20 book/monograph chapters and almost 200 papers in international peer reviewed journals. Additionally, he has organized five international conferences (one in West Bengal and four in Bangladesh) on groundwater arsenic.

Since 1994, the arsenic research unit of the School of Environmental Studies (SOES) - Jadavpur University, Kolkata has been self-funded, not asking fund from international Aid Agencies, central or local government, local institutions and not accepting donations. It sells its expertise and operates completely on the basis of the money it earns. Dipankar Chakraborti (Director Research) donates all award money, consulting fees, and his share of fees earned from environmental analytical analysis to the SOES development fund.

During the last 18 years, this self-funded research unit of the School of Environmental Studies has spent the vast majority of its available resources for research and helping arsenic-affected families. Even with these expenditures, SOES has saved Rs.10.8 million (1.08 crore), which has been placed in a fixed deposit. Interest money from this fund is used for additional arsenic-related social work, salary for some laboratory staff, and salary for gardeners for the beautification of the Jadavpur University campus.

Scientific Achievements

The SOES Arsenic Unit is jointly working with a large medical group on arsenic & fluoride groundwater contamination and its health effects. It has published more than 100 publications (including book chapters) on only arsenic research in international peer reviewed journals. Fourteen individuals have so far completed their PhD under Dr. Chakraborti, and all are well established all over the world. Research students from many countries including Harvard University, USA, John Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA have come to SOES for arsenic work.

Director (Research) has been invited to many countries all over the world for lectures on groundwater arsenic contamination including Harvard University, MIT-USA. Director (Research) has also joined as a collaborator with Harvard University to mitigate groundwater arsenic contamination in Bangladesh.

Dr. Chakraborti was invited from PR China to set-up an environmental analytical laboratory in Hebei University. Dr. Chakraborti was also advisor to Asia Arsenic Network, Japan. Director (Research) is at present an Advisor to the American Chemical Society’s environmental journal, Environmental Science & Technology.


Analyze arsenic for common people all over India free of cost and helping many arsenic-affected families financially.

So far analyzed more than 400,000 water and biological samples from arsenic-affected villages of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, and Chhattisgarh.

Helped many research organizations (national & international) by analyzing their arsenic samples at very low cost. Collaborated with Dhaka Community Hospital, Bangladesh on arsenic work and jointly organized five international arsenic conferences. SOES analyzed 54,000 water samples and 10,000 biological samples from Bangladesh free of cost.


Prof. Dipankar Chakraborty


Ph.D Scholars working under the guidance of Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti

M. Amir Hossain, B. Sc. (Honours) and M. Sc. in Statistics, Ph. D Scholar.

PhD Title: Evaluation of Arsenic Removal Plants, Daily Water Intake Trends and a Follow-up Study in Some Arsenic Affected Villages of West Bengal, India.

M. Amir Hossain
Bhaskar Das, BE. in Civil Engineering 2000, ME in Water Resources and Hydraulics Engineering 2005; PhD Scholar.

PhD Title:  Groundwater arsenic contamination in Ganga-Meghna-Brahmaputra (GMB) Plain and investigation for a safe water option.

Bhaskar Das

Bishwajit Nayak, Chemistry 2002, MSc. in Inorganic Chemistry 2004; PhD Scholar.

PhD Title:  Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in Jharkhand and Bihar state in India

Bishwajit Nayak
Arup Pal, Zoology Honours, 2002; MSc. in Environmental Science 2005, PhD Scholar.

PhD Title:  Arsenic in food chain and its ill effects on animals and human health

Arup Pal
Kartik Chandra Biswas,BSc in Geography on 2005; MSc in Geography on 2007.

PhD Title:  Groundwater arsenic contamination and health effects in West Bengal: A study of geographical, social and economical aspects of the area.

Kartik Photo

Computer Expert and Microbiologist
 Dilip Lodh

Elanbam Jayantakumar Singh
Name and address of the Medical Personnel associated with SOES group to study arsenic problem in GMB Plain

Dr. K. C. Saha
Retired Professor and Head, Department of Dermatology, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, India

Dr. Subhas Chandra Mukherjee, Professor and Head
Department of Neurology, Medical College, Kolkata – 700073, India
Tel: 033-24554079 (Res.), 033-22414901 (Off.)
Mobile: 09830413617

Dr. Shyamapada Pati, Assistance Professor
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research
S.S.K.M. Hospital,
Kolkata – 700020, India
Tel: 033-24570273
Mobile: 09831139694

Dr. R.N. Dutta, Associate Professor
Department of Dermatology
Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research
S.S.K.M. Hospital,
Kolkata - 700020, India
Tel: 033-23216225
Mobile: 033-31040443,

Dr. M. M. Roy
Professor and Head, Department of Orthopedic
Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata – 700073, India


Group of Medical Personnel is Jharkhand
Group of Medical personals in Jharkhand



Our Field Group in Bihar
Our field group in Bihar

Field Workers with SOES group

I. Group from Bihar
Mr. Kunesware Nath Ojha
Mr. Upendra Nath Ojha
Mr. Ram Nath Ojha
Mr. Moni Mohan Ojha

II. Group from West Bengal
Mr Sankar Prasad De
Mr. Pijush Kanti Roy
Mr. Bijon Paul

III. Laboratory technicians
Debashis Maity
Abhoy Bhattacharya
Ashok Ari

Dr. K. C. Saha (Dermatologist) with the field group

Dr. K. C. Saha (Dermatologist) with the field group

List of students who joined SOES for Ph.D and other purpose and now away
    •        Amit Chatterjee (USA)
    •        Dipankar Das (Bardhaman Raj College, India)
    •        Gautam Samanta (Dr. Reddy Laboratory, AP)
    •        Gautam Chatterjee (Australia)
    •        Badal Kumar Mondal (VIT Vellore, India)
    •        Bhajan Kumar Biswas (USA)
    •        Tarit Roy Chowdhury (NEERI Nagpur, India)
    •        Ratan Dhar (USA)
    •        Uttam Kumar Chowdhury (USA)
    •        M. M. Rahman (Australia)
    •        Amitava Mukherjee (VIT Vellore, India)
    •        Debapriya Mondal (Cambridge, UK)
    •        Ronjon Chakrabarti (Berlin, Germany)
    •        Priya Harish Patel (Harvard, USA)
    •        Elangbam Jayantakumar Singh
    •        Sad Ahamed (George Mason University)
    •        Mrinal Kumar Sengupta (University of Texas at Arlington)
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