Miscelleneous : Environmental Legislation

Environmental Pollution now consists of one of the biggest hazard round the world. Slowly we are destroying all gifts that nature has bestowed on us. Are we heading towards a disaster that may threaten even the existence of mankind?

Environmental Disasters

• Chernobyl nuclear accident
• African droughts and famines
• Ozone holes over Antarctica
• Exxon Veldez oil spill
• The clearing of Amazon Rain Forest
• The ravages of acid rain on European forest and monuments
• Bangladesh's arsenic calamity from groundwater contamination (centuries biggest chemical poisoning)

In India

• Toxic calamity in Bhopal
• 65 million affected from fluorosis in India
• 40 million people at risk from arsenic groundwater poisoning in West Bengal
• Air pollution severity in major cities
• All major rivers are polluted
• "Sacred Ganga" is called "Polluted Ganga"
• Industrial waste disposal to land and river (hundreds of incidents)

Some statistical parameters will help us to better understand the enormity of the environmental challenge.

Every day

• Average 2,60,000 people are added to world's population.
• 30-100 species of plants and animals are prematurely extinguished
• Over 90,000 new motor vehicles take to the road
• 57 million metric tons of CO2 are released to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels.
• Over 42,000 hectares (162 sq.miles) tropical forest is destroyed.
• 68 million tons of top soil are lost for erosion and
• 38000 children (mostly from developing countries) under the age of 5 die from hunger or contaminated drinking water.