International and National news


India's Poisoned By Natural Arsenic
Chemistry And Industry (London), November 21,1994.

Talk Of The Streets
Time (USA), February 20, 1995.

Arsenic Calamity In India's Villages
The Daily Telegraph (London), August 10, 1995.

Death And The Devil's Water
New Scientist (London), September 16, 1995.

Water Of Death
The Guardian, London, January 5, 1996.

The Lethal Legacy Of Over-Irrigation
Chemistry In Britain, March 1996.

India's Spreading Health Crisis Drawns Global Arsenic Experts

Science. Vol.274, October 11, 1996.

Arsenic Poisoning Cases Plague Hundreds Of Villages In Bangladesh
The Washington Post, January 4, 1997.

Wellspring Of Dead
The Edmonton Journal, Sunday, January 19, 1997

An Obscene Epic Tragedy May Unfold
The Toronto Star, February 9, 1997.

Mainichi News Paper Report (Japan), March 2, 1997.

Expert Reports Arsenic Risk For Millions In The Two Bengal's
India Abroad, March 7, 1997.

Arsenic In The Water
London Guardian, February 19 & 25, 1998

Bangladesh Arsenic An Invitation To Catastrophe
Environmental News Network - News Features (Internet Edition) March 23, 1998
An Interview With Dr. D. Chakraborti, SOES, Jadavpur, India

Arsenic Killing People Of India
University Of Alberta, Folio, Edmonton, Canada; Volume 35 Number 19, May 29, 1998

Arsenic Poisoning Discussed At International Symposium
India Abroad, June 5, 1998

Hell’s Wells
Good Weekend, September 19, 1998

New Bangladesh Disaster: Wells That Pump Poison
New York Times, November 10, 1998

Arsenic Crisis In Bangladesh
C & En, American Chemical Society, Volume 76, No. 46, November, 16, 1998

Arsenic Crisis Spurs Scientists
C & En, American Chemical Society, May 17, 1999.

Arsenic Scourge In B’desh
India-West, June 25, 1999

Das Wasser Des Teufels

Mittwoch, 14 July, 1999

Poison Poison
Sunday, 29 August - 4 September, 1999

Alipore Water Has Arsenic Above Acceptable Limit
Statesman, 26 October 2000

Bangladeshis To Sue Over Arsenic Poisoning
Nature, 413, October 11, 2001

Bangladesh’s Poisoned Wells
Nature, 413, October 11, 2001

Field Kits Fail To Provide Accurate Measure Of Arsenic In Groundwater
Environmental Science & Technology Online (Technology News) American Chemical Society, November 8, 2002

Flawed Water Tests Put Millions At Risk
New Scientist (London), November, 13, 2002

Inaccurate Arsenic Test Kits Jeopardize Water Safety In Bangladesh And India
American Chemical Society News, November 19, 2002

Field Kits Fail To Provide Accurate Measure Of Arsenic In Groundwater
Environmental Science & Technology, 35a-38a, January 1, 2003

Arsenic Risk Of Mis-Labelled Wells
Chemistry In Britain, January 2003

Hellish Water
The Guardian (London, January 23, 2003)

Millions More At Risk Of Arsenic Poisoning Than Previously Thought.
British Medical Journal, 326:466 March 1, 2003

Asia’s Arsenic Crisis Deepens
Nature News Service (Science Update), Macnillan Magazine Ltd., March 27, 2003.

The Dark Zone
Down To Earth (Cover Story), 27-41, April 15, 2003

Deadly Waters
The Guardian (London, May 8, 2003).

Arsenic’s Fatal Legacy Grows Worldwide
New Scientist (London), August 8, 2003

Interview: Drinking at the West’s Toxic Wells
New Scientist (London), April 01, 2006

Arsenic-free Water still a Pipedream
Highlighted in News Section of Nature Magazine, Vol 436, Page 313, 21st July 2005


Popular Article On Environment By Dipankar Chakraborti In Daily Newspaper

Ground Realities Of Contamination
The Telegraph, Calcutta, India; May 30, 1995

Zap Into A Life-Size Museum

The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India; (Impressions), July 30, 1995

Water Water Every Where
The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India; October 15, 1995

Fear Over The City
The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India; (Impressions) February 18, 1996 - Cover Story

Going Up In Smoke
The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India; (Impressions) June 9, 1996

Hardly Water Of Life
The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India; (Impressions) December 1, 1996 - Cover Story

Courting Disaster
The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India; (Impressions); April 20, 1997 - Cover Story

Arsenic Contamination Of Groundwater Signals Disaster
The Daily Star, Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 29, 1997

Message On A Bottle
The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India; (Impressions) July 27, 1997

Deadly Metals Poisoning Your Habitat
The Telegraph, Calcutta, India; (Know-How), November 17, 1997

Tilting Tubewells
The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India; (Impressions), March 22, 1998 -Cover Story

Writing On The Wall
The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, India (Impressions), October 18, 1998

The Air We Breed
The Statesman, Calcutta, India (Down Town), January 15, 1999

Revelations In Rajnandgaon
The Statesman, Calcutta, India (Impressions), March 21, 1999

Underground Killer
The Telegraph, Calcutta, India (Know-How/Environment), March 29, 1999

Trail Of The Crippled
The Statesman, Calcutta, India (Impressions), August 22, 1999

Devil In Disguise
The Statesman, Calcutta, India (Impressions), December 12, 1999

Better Late Than Never
The Statesman, Calcutta, India, March 29, 2000.

Homoeopathy Spreads Arsenic Menace
The Telegraph, Calcutta, India (Knowhow), April, 2000