School of Environmental Studies (SOES) is part of Jadavpur University and a self-funded institute. Neither it asks international aid agencies for any financial help nor it asks local or central government for fund. We do not also accept any donation. We sell our expertise. The school runs on the basis of money it earns.

The purpose of SOES is to highlight and make an approach to solve the environmental problems where people are affected. The School is providing scientific information to common people, industry, local and central government about some of the present environmental problems (e.g. arsenic, fluoride groundwater contamination, metal toxicity from industrial effluent, urban air and water pollution etc.) and suggesting government what steps to be taken to combat the situation.SOES also helps common peoples in various ways, e.g., free analysis of arsenic and fluoride in their hand tube-wells; providing financial assistances to boys and girls studying in school and colleges from affected families, advising many NGOs about the problem and helping them by free/cost prices for sample analysis, etc.

Brief history

SOES started in 1988. Up to 1996 it was taking financial help for its development from local and central government and from 1997 it is self financed institute.

SOES highlighted

1.  Groundwater arsenic problem in Ganga-Meghna-Brahmaputra (GMB) Plain
2. Groundwater arsenic problem in West Bengal-India
3.  Groundwater arsenic problem in Bangladesh
4.  Groundwater arsenic problem in Rajnandgaon-Chattisgarh-India
5.  Groundwater arsenic problem in Bihar-India
6.  Groundwater arsenic problem in Uttar Pradesh-India
7.  Groundwater arsenic problem in Jharkhand-India
8.  Groundwater arsenic problem in North-East India
9.  Fluorosis problem in Assam-India
10. Groundwater arsenic problem in Manipur-India
11.  Industrial pollution from arsenic and lead in and around Kolkata
12.  Air pollution and groundwater arsenic contamination in Kolkata