National / international recognition received

School of Environmental Studies research works on groundwater arsenic contamination in the Ganga-Meghna-Brahmaputra Plain have been published in eminent international magazines, journals all over the world (See under the heading of NEWS).

Director of School of Environmental Studies had received US $ 7000.00 [i.e. equivalent to Rs. 3.0 lakhs] from Dhaka Community Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh as an appreciation what SOES has done for arsenical problem in Bangladesh. Dr. Chakraborti has donated the amount to SOES development fund.

Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom as an appreciation of the work of School of Environmental Studies on arsenic donating Analytical Abstract at free of cost (yearly subscription about Rs. one lakh).

Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti, Director, School of Environmental Studies has been awarded the PROFESSOR BAL DATTATRAYA TILAK LECTURE (1999) for his contribution in identifying the problem of arsenic pollution and its health implications in rural West Bengal and development of inexpensive remedial techniques by Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi.

Director, SOES received Netel Gas Chromatograph and cash money Rs. 1.5 lakhs as reward for helping the company providing modification of their instrument. Money had been donated to SOES.

WHO (World Health Organization) experts recommended SOES arsenic laboratory

Member of WHO Task Group for the book, “Environmental Health Criteria 224 for Arsenic and Arsenic compounds (2nd edition), World Health Organization, Geneva, 2001.

Member of the Working group of WHO: IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans. Some Drinking Water Disinfectants and Contaminants, including Arsenic, Volume 84, Lyon 15-22 October, 2002

Director of SOES delivered many Plenary lectures, Opening lectures (Mass Massacre Lecture) and Goldscmidt Lecture (Norway) to many international conferences, universities, organizations, institutions etc. all over the world.